Confused weather salad

The weather in Ahmedabad is totally confused these days. So much so, that most of us end up being in a ‘fashion show’, changing clothes every few hours. For instance, in the morning we wear a warmer but then it gets too warm during the day and we change into cotton clothes. By evening, it’s raining and we are in raincoats and by night, the blankets are out 😀

But food is something we all find comfort in, given any weather 🙂 So, here goes my super simple salad recipe with just 3 veggies and 3 other ingredients to make you give it a shot!

Confused weather salad


Sliced/rounded Carrot

Sliced/rounded Beetroot

Sliced/rounded Cucumber



Lemon juice/balsamic vinegar


Really? All you have to do is mix ’em all up and eat 😀



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